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Ted à venda

É claro que ia acontecer, ainda mais depois da bilheteria do filme do Seth MacFarlane. Agora você pode ter o seu próprio Ted. Tá a venda lá no site da NBC por U$34,99. E ele fala 12 frases diferentes:

– I look like something you give your kid when you tell them grandma died.
– C’mon, I don’t sound that much like Peter Griffin.
– That’s my bad, I was sending a tweet.
– The Brewski run.
– I wuv you.
– Okay, alright, so that’s where we’ll draw the line.
– You know what I’d like to do to her, something I call a Dirty Fozzie.
– Will you take care of me for ever and ever!
– Good Talk Coach.
– Stick your finger in the loop of my tag.
– C’mere ya bastard.
– I didn’t know you had a baby, is it alive?