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Concurso Ramona Flowers

Tá rolando lá no tumblr do Brian Lee O’Malley um concurso de desenhos da Ramona Flowers, a namorada do Scott Pilgrim. Só mandar uma ilustração respeitando as regras criadas pelo autor:

1. Draw Ramona Flowers in your own style (ie don’t copy “scott pilgrim style”, but if your style is similar, that’s fine)

2. Put her in an outfit of your own invention (ie not one from the books or movie; it can be real-life clothes; it doesn’t have to be completely made-up; you just have to put her in something I haven’t seen her in before)

3. (OPTIONAL) Give her a unique hairstyle!

4. BUT… she has to be recognizable as Ramona Flowers! If I don’t recognize her, you will be disqualified!! (tips: her choker, star bag, goggles, her general sense of style, etc

5. Draw it, put it on your tumblr, tag it! TAG: #RamonaStyle

Ainda tá rolando e tem mais um monte aqui.

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