Adrian Tomine e a bolha imobiliária na capa da New Yorker

Taí o Tomine mais uma vez na capa da New Yorker, é dele a arte da edição de 16 de setembro. A última capa dele tinha sido em novembro do ano passado. Ele explicou a ilustração da edição mais recente lá no site da revista. Reproduzo:

Adrian Tomine, who last year published “New York Drawings,” and who will soon receive a “Bookmark”—the Brooklyn Book Festival’s yearly distinction given to literary figures whose heritage and work connect back to Brooklyn—knows well that real estate is the pulse of the city. He drew this week’s cover, “Crossroads.” “I’ve basically spent my whole adult life paying rent in expensive cities,” he says. “Based on some of the horror stories I’ve heard from other people, I’ve been pretty fortunate in terms of neighbors, landlords, and other natural disasters. But I feel like everyone we know is moving! If not to New Jersey, then somewhere upstate, or even across the country. We have to travel now to see the friends that we used to just bump into on the street.”

When asked how being a father affects New York living, he says, “We live in a notoriously kid-centric neighborhood, so it’s not like I’m walking around, gritting my teeth, and thinking, Oh, the sacrifices I make for this kid! Most of the things that become difficult or impossible when you have kids, I was never really into anyway.” As for the teeth-gritting moments? “You can definitely drive yourself crazy thinking about the cost of living here, but I try to remind myself that the monthly check I send off is giving me access to a lot of great things beyond our apartment. On certain lean months, I probably remind myself of that with greater frequency and vehemence, and my wife probably wonders why I’m suddenly so rhapsodic about, say, a Bagel Hole bagel or the view from Brooklyn Bridge Park. It also helps to avoid that sadistic real estate feature in the Times where they show you, like, ‘What you get for…$150,000’ in other cities.”

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