Liniers na capa da New Yorker

É do Liniers a capa da próxima edição da New Yorker. Ele explicou a ilustração aqui de cima lá no site da revista. Segue o relato:

“New York for me is just this American version of a huge city: a lot of concrete and no nature whatsoever,” says Liniers (who goes by Ricardo with his friends, though he prefers to be called by his pen name, which is his middle name). “I grew up in Buenos Aires and still live there,” he continues, “so I’m as metropolitan as you can get. I feel really at home in New York.”

“The first time I came to New York, I was in my early twenties. I would live three months in New York, and then I’d go to Barcelona for three months, and then back to New York because of the visa thing—and I stayed literally in every neighborhood, because I stayed with friends. When one friend was getting fed up with me, I would try to make a new friend very fast, just to crash at their house. I stayed in Columbus Circle, then the Village, then the Upper East Side—every neighborhood.”

“New York is a cosmopolitan experience, where you see everyone. You get the feeling that there is someone doing whatever you want or like to do, someone who’s really into it. So if you like puppetry, there’s some guy who’s the best puppeteer ever, and if you like pole vaulting, that’s where you’ll find the best pole vaulting place in the world.”

Liniers’s daily comic strip, “Macanudo,” has run for over ten years in Argentina’s La Nación; a collection will come out in the summer.

Ramon Vitral
Ramon Vitral

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